District Happenings

Ugandan villagers around new water tank that provides them with clean, safe water.

This summer, representatives from the Ugandan Water Project sent photos to the Senior High School to show them what their fundraising did for people in Uganda. Here is some of what they had to say!

“I am so excited to share with you how the borehole well repair that you and the students at Victor High School sponsored this year has transformed the lives of people in Uganda. Because of your support, 700 children and community members near Fort Jesus Primary School in Uganda's Wakiso district now have access to clean, safe drinking water. Let that sink in! 700 people can now have access to clean, safe drinking water again. You did that!”

Children coming off buses on first day of school.

The VCS campus was bursting with activity this summer with a variety of construction projects, both large and small.

Chris Marshall, VCS Director of School Facilities said the most noticeable change can be found at the Early Childhood School where workers installed new parking lots and a bus loop. “Now, we have three separate parking lots. We have a designated student drop off space, a bus lot/loop that can hold fifty buses (the previous space could only house ten buses), and a staff parking lot," Marshall said. The redesigned parking areas were designed to not only maximize safety but also make the student drop-off and pick up process more efficient for students, staff and parents alike.

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Aerial View of Our Campus

Special Olympics Parade

Special Olympics Parade

Teachers and Administrators waving good bye to students on the last day of the school year.

Teachers and Administrators waving good bye to students on the last day of the school year.


Spring Day on VCS Campus

Photo of the cast of James and the Giant Peach

VCS Performs James and the Giant Peach

From Our Students…

“All the teachers are very kind, trustworthy and make it fun to learn new things.” Owen H ~ Intermediate School

“I like reading the best!” Izabella ~ Early Childhood School

“Victor School's community is as passionate and supportive about it's students as any school you'll ever find.” Geoff ~ Senior High School

“The teachers and classmates are so nice. The teachers teach us so that we can easily understand. VCS is a wonderful community.” Sierra ~ Intermediate School

“What I like most about school is spending time with my friends.” Parker ~ Early Childhood School

“VCS is a special place. Ranging from the supportive community, to the caring teachers and students, it truly has it all. I am beyond glad that I had the opportunity to call Victor my home.” Kevin ~ Senior High School

“I like adding numbers together in Math.” Brooklyn ~ Early Childhood School


For the past twelve years the Junior High School has been named a New York State high performing school and  “School to Watch" by the NYS Education Department.


Size of the VCS campus in acres.


High school students graduated with Regents Diploma in 2017.


Fall athletic teams were scholar athletes,  maintaining a 90% or higher team average.


After school clubs in high school.


Victor Central School's SAT scores were among the highest in Greater Rochester Area.


The NYS Sportswriters Association has named VCS's Athletic Program the 2018 Kerr Cup Champion.


Students that were inducted into the prestigious Tri-M Music Society in the 2017-2018 school year.