VCS Values Student Academic Achievement
Students attending the Victor Central School District are highly engaged in an environment that aligns authentic learning to core academic standards while simultaneously developing character and citizenship. Building on their natural curiosity and learning styles, our students will emerge as creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who can communicate effectively and persevere in a continuously and rapidly changing world in order to meet their individual potential. 

VCS Values Student Social, Emotional, and Physical Well-being 
In our community, a student’s social, emotional and physical well-being is as important as their academic success. We believe that students reflecting on their experiences will foster the growth necessary to become responsible decision makers. As a community of students, parents, and educators, we work to foster a safe and accepting environment where students experience a sense of belonging and self-worth, treating others with civility, respect, and kindness.

K-12 Commencement Standards 
World-Ready Graduates 

Effective Communicators 
• Read, write, listen and speak purposefully and critically in a variety of situations. 
• Communicate in multiple ways including through the arts. 
• Understand and be able to perform in a variety of group settings and diverse populations. 
• Work collaboratively as an effective member of a team. 

Quality Producers 
• Produce relevant, innovative, high quality products that reflect originality and excellence. 
• Prioritize, plan, and manage for optimum results. 

Complex Thinkers 
• Identify problems and use effective strategies to reach solutions. 
• Use critical and creative thinking strategies and skills in a variety of situations. 
• Take risks when tackling challenging problems. 

Life-long Learners 
• Develop and apply effective study skills. 
• Use state-of-art technology and communication networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in order in function in a global society. 
• Modify and/or influence thinking, attitudes and/or behaviors to function in a multi-cultural society. 
• Be driven by curiosity and a desire to know.