LifePrep@Naz is an interagency college campus-based program for 18-21 year old students and young adults with developmental disabilities. Developed and implemented by Nazareth College, Victor Central School District and the Arc of Monroe, the overall goal of the program is to provide individuals the opportunity to continue their education while working towards meaningful employment. LifePrep@Naz opened its doors to their freshman class in the fall of 2011; the current program capacity is 20 students.

LifePrep@Naz is based on an inclusive framework; students will spend a minimum of fifty percent of their day with same aged peers without disabilities. LifePrep@Naz utilizes the Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) curriculum, in alignment with New York State and Common Core standards. Each student participates as a guest in a Nazareth elective each semester, supported by peer mentors who are Nazareth College students. Each semester, students will also participate in experiential vocational opportunities, health/wellness activities, service learning, and individualized Person Centered Planning. Throughout the day, peer mentors will provide academic support to students and promote the inclusiveness of LifePrep students in the campus community. School-aged students accepted into LifePrep@Naz are eligible to remain in the program through the school year in which they turn 21.

Mission Statement
The mission of LifePrep@Naz is to provide community learning experiences that allow for the transformation of individuals with intellectual disabilities from students to self-determined contributors in our society.

LifePrep@Naz Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible, and what are the criteria for acceptance?

Individuals eligible to participate in the LifePrep@Naz program fall into two categories:

  • High school students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-21 years old, who have completed at least four years in the high school setting, will not earn a regular diploma, and require continuing school-aged services
  • Post-graduate adults (over age 21) with developmental disabilities who are eligible for OPWDD services

The Arc of Monroe will accept applications from individuals 21 and older who are OPWDD eligible/Medicaid eligible.

Student Criteria for LifePrep@Naz


• Completed 4 years of high school
• Will not obtain a regular diploma
• Able to attend for 60 minutes
• Able to follow code of conduct
• Motivated to attend program on a college campus
• Committed to vocational development at a level leading to competitive employmen


• Ability to interact with a variety of people
• Ability to self-advocate
• Ability or potential ability to process interactions with peers and authority figures
• Potential to be a contributing citizen
• Able to interact independently with peers and adults


• Able to navigate the campus environment independently
• Able to self-medicate
• Independent personal hygiene and daily living skills


• Ability to communicate independently in order to express wants and needs
• Ability to independently respond and participate in classroom instruction in both the LifePrep classroom and Nazareth elective courses

Are participants required to be Victor Central School District residents?

Are participants required to be Victor Central School District residents?
No. The Victor CSD Board of Education policy allows other districts to contract for services. Parents of school-aged students must work with their District’s Director of Special Education to determine if their District’s Committee on Special Education will consider LifePrep@Naz as an appropriate placement for the student. Parents are not able to privately enroll their student in LifePrep@Naz

Are participants provided transportation? 

For school-aged students 18-21 years old, the sending school district is responsible to provide transportation to and from LifePrep@Naz.

For adult students 21 years and older, The Arc of Monroe provides door to door transportation to and from LifePrep@Naz, for Monroe County residents. Students who reside outside of Monroe County work with their Medicaid Service Coordinators to arrange transportation.

How many students participate in LifePrep@Naz?

Our current capacity is twenty students.

How is LifePrep@Naz staffed?

LifePrep@Naz staff includes a special education teacher from Victor Central School District, a vocational trainer and job coach from Arc of Monroe, an Arc program manager, and a program manager from Nazareth College, who oversees the student mentor component of the program.

Will students earn any kind of credential after completing LifePrep@Naz?

Students will earn LifePrep@Naz credits in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. LifePrep@Naz students attend one Nazareth College class each semester, as a guest student. Students do not earn Nazareth College credits.

School-aged students will have the option of remaining in the program through the school year in which they turn 21 years of age. Individuals who enter the program as adults will have the option of participating in LifePrep@Naz for either three or four years at a maximum.

What unpaid internships will students participate as part of vocational instruction?

Each student will have the opportunity to participate in unpaid internships. Internships will be supported by LifePrep@Naz staff through job coaching and ongoing assessments.

What is the role of a peer mentor?

Nazareth College offers many majors that prepare their students for careers working with individuals with developmental disabilities such as Special Education, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, etc. Students in these programs often seek opportunities to serve as peer mentors to the LifePrep@Naz students.

The peer mentors assist with homework and understanding Nazareth class material. They also act as classroom buddies during special education instruction, supporting students with subjects such as social skills, dating, budgeting, etc

How will LifePrep@Naz prepare the students for meaningful employment?

Person-centered planning is a keystone of LifePrep@Naz, and work experience is individualized to the needs of each participant. LifePrep@Naz staff works with each student and their family to identify what goals they would like to achieve, always with the goal of meaningful employment. Collaboratively we will work together on taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals

What is the application Process?

Applications for school-aged students are available on this website. Work with your District’s Director of Special Education to determine the appropriateness of LifePrep@Naz for your student. If your District is supportive of the placement, the student (with support from parents and teachers, if appropriate) should complete the application and submit it to your school district’s Director of Special Education, who should complete the cover page and submit the application and additional documents. Applications are not processed without the signature of your District’s Special Education administrator

How can I get an application?

For students who will be participating as a school-aged student (ages 18-21):
The Application for 18-21 year old students is available to download on the Victor Central School District’s Special Education webpages. Do not complete the adult application found on the Arc of Monroe’s website. For more information, contact:

Sheila McCarthy, Interim Director of Special Programs and Compliance
Victor Central School District
585-924-3252, extension 1456

For students who will be participating as adults (21 and older:

Shavonne Vasquez
The Arc of Monroe County
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 490-6287

Or visit and click the LifePrep@Naz logo to download an application.

2019-2020 Information Sessions

Information Sessions are scheduled to occur on:

  • Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 9:30-11:00am
  • Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 9:30-11:00am
  • Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 9:30-11:00am

Information sessions begin in the Golisano Academic Center. Parking is available in front and to the right side of the building. Enter through the awning at the right side of the building and proceed to the ground level. You will be greeted and directed to the meeting location.

Please plan to arrive no later than 9:15 so that you can obtain parking and help yourself to refreshments. We will start promptly at 9:30.

Please note that we anticipate very limited openings of the 2020-2021 school year. We are holding information sessions in order to support advanced planning.

Please also be aware that we are unable to honor requests for individual information sessions, in order to minimally disrupt the educational setting for our students.

To reserve a space at one of our information sessions, please contact: 

Ms. Jodie Janke
Victor Central School District
585-924-3252, extension 1456