Alumni / Former Students Records Requests


Alumni/Former Students Records Request Form

According to FERPA regulations, student records can be sent directly to an educational institution without a Release Form being filled out by the student. An educational institution is an institution that provides an education that leads to a degree or a certification (e.g. colleges, universities, trade schools, GED programs). All other record requests will need a Release Form filled out.

  • If you need your records sent ONLY to an educational institution, fill out Part A and then SUBMIT.
  • If you need your records sent anywhere else (including yourself), download the Release Form in Part B, fill it out and email it back to the email address listed at the top of the form.

Note: Records sent directly from VCS to another organization makes the records official. Any records sent directly to the student are considered unofficial.

Name of Student (while attending VCS)required
First Name
Last Name
Current Name of Student (if different from above)
First Name
Last Name
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Permission is given to release the following school records to an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION - (REQUIRED)required

Part B: Non-Educational Institution Record Request

If you would like your school records sent to an organization other than an Educational Institution or to yourself, download the Release Form, fill it out and return it to the email address listed at the top of the form.

CLICK HERE to Download Release Form

Contact or (585) 924-3252 x7414.