VCS Curriculum & Instruction

OUR MISSION: To Teach, To Learn, To Support, To Improve, To Achieve

Learning & Instruction
Students attending the Victor Central School District are highly engaged in an environment that aligns authentic learning to core academic standards while simultaneously developing character and citizenship. Building on their natural curiosity and learning styles, our students will emerge as creative, collaborative, critical thinkers who can communicate effectively and persevere in a continuously and rapidly changing world in order to meet their individual potential.  

A Parent’sGuide to the New York State Next Generation ELA & MathLearning Standards 
A Parent’s Guide to the New York State P12Science Learning Standards
A Parent’s Guide to the New YorkState Physical Education Learning Standards

Student Supports & Opportunities
In our community, a student’s social, emotional and physical well-being is as important as their academic success. We believe that students who can reflect on their experiences will foster the growth necessary to become responsible decision makers. In addition, we provide a variety of supports and opportunities so that all students can realize their full potential.  

The VCS school community is representative of many cultures, and therefore culture has an impact on how our students experience schools. We believe that learning is rooted in the lives and experiences of people and cultivated through activities that connect people through their unique cultures and identities.  We strive to create student-centered learning environments that affirm cultural identities, foster positive academic outcomes and develop our students’ abilities to connect across lines of difference. As a community of students, parents, and educators, we work to foster a safe and accepting environment where students experience a sense of belonging and self-worth, treating others with civility, respect, and kindness.

Office of Instruction Team

Karen Finter

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Kristin Williamson

Director of Humanities and Professional Learning

Carrie Goodell

Director of Math and Science

Holly Knox

Math Coach

Lauren Less

ELA Coach

Jennifer Case

Humanities Coach