PK-3 Curriculum Overview

Across our pK-3 classrooms in VCS, we strive to provide a strong foundation for our youngest learners. As students progress across the pK-3 continuum, there is a noticeable transition in the nature of the expectation for what is being learned. Students transition from learning skills, to applying those skills within known and new contexts. Play is an important component of learning in Grades pK-3. We are focused on employing science-based reading instructional practices within our classrooms so that our students are ready to independently employ literacy skills to access information in the middle elementary grades.  

chart for content and concept knowledge


For additional information about curriculum and instruction in the Victor Central School District, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher, building principal or any member of the Office of Instruction Team.

Investigations is used as the primary curriculum resource for mathematics in Grades K-3.  Units align to NYS standards and student progress is assessed through locally developed assessments.  Supplemental resources and teacher-created lessons support student growth.  

BOCES 4 Science Units are used as the primary curriculum resource for Science, Grades K-3.  Units align to the NYS Science Learning Standards and promote the development of science and engineering skills, in addition to building a foundational understanding of science concepts.