Special Education

Our mission is to provide exceptional special education programs and services to support the academic, social-emotional, physical and management needs of students with disabilities within the least restrictive environment. At Victor, students with disabilities are included in general education instruction to the greatest extent possible for the individual student. From disability awareness activities throughout the school year, to our innovative buddy programs Big Time Friends and Buddy Network, to LifePrep@Naz our school culture reflects belonging and maximizing potential for all of our students.

We are committed to providing an educational environment that welcomes, accepts and understands the unique qualities of all children. Inclusive opportunities benefit all of our students, promoting a sense of belonging, positive social relationships, and the opportunity for every student to reach their full potential. With the goal of fostering the independence of all students to become lifelong contributing members of society, Victor CSD is committed to creating a school community in which all children are valued, and benefit from:

  • Individualized supports based on chronological age and developmental ability, which allows access to rigorous curriculum
  • The value of collaboration between the school, family and community
  • Utilizing technologies, supports and accommodations to capitalize on the student’s strengths and support their challenges
  • Ongoing assessment and review of evidence-based practices and student progress to inform decision-making
  • Meaningful participation within the school community by embracing acceptance of all children and creating opportunities for them to learn from each other

Committee on Special Education
The Committee on Special Education (CSE) is a multidisciplinary team established in accordance with the provisions of section 4402 of the Education Law. The CSE meets throughout the year to review evaluations and recommend programs and services for students with disabilities.

Members of the Committee on Special Education include the student's parents, a general education teacher of the student, a special education provider, a school psychologist, and related service providers and administrators as appropriate. Parents may request that the school physician or a parent representative participate if it is requested in writing at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. We strongly encourage students to attend and participate in their CSE meetings.

Subcommittees on Special Education ensure timely review and placement recommendations for students with disabilities. Members of the Subcommittee on Special Education include the student's parents, a general education teacher of the student, a special education provider of the student, a school psychologist, and related services providers of the student, if appropriate.

Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)
The Victor Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is responsible for identifying preschool children with disabilities and arranging for the delivery of special education services. Educational programs and services for preschool children with disabilities from the ages of three to five are the responsibility of the school district in which the child resides in accordance with New York State Education Law, Article 89. Mandated committee members of the CPSE include the parent, a special education representative from the school district who serves as Chairperson, a professional who participated in the evaluation of the child or the child's teacher, the county representative, and, if the child is transitioning from the birth to two program provided by the county of residence, an early intervention coordinator.

VCSD Plan of Service for Special Education
Procedural Safeguards Notice
A Parent’s Guide to Special Education
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Your Special Education Team

Karyn Ryan

Karyn Ryan

Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services
Amanda Tripp

Amanda Tripp

Director of Elementary Special Education
Shannon Markin-McMurtrie

Shannon Markin-McMurtrie

Director of Secondary Special Education

Town Hall Meeting about Special Education - November 30, 2020