Continuum of Support Services

VCS is committed to providing an educational environment that welcomes, accepts and understands the unique qualities of all children. Inclusive opportunities benefit all of our students, promoting a sense of belonging, positive social relationships, and the opportunity for every student to reach their full potential. 

With the goal of fostering the independence of all students to become lifelong contributing members of society, Victor CSD is committed to creating a school community in which all children are valued, and benefit from:

  • Individualized supports based on chronological age and developmental ability, which allows access to rigorous curriculum
  • The value of collaboration between the school, family and community
  • The utilization of technologies, supports and accommodations to capitalize on the student's strengths and support his/her challenges
  • Ongoing assessment and review of evidence-based practices and student progress to inform decision-making
  • Meaningful participation within the school community by embracing acceptance of all children and creating opportunities to learn from one another
  • When creating an IEP, the CSE must ensure that services will be provided in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Least restrictive environment means that students with disabilities will not be placed in special classes, separate schools or otherwise removed from the regular classroom unless the nature or severity of the disability is such that even with supports accommodations, education cannot be satisfactorily achieved. If the student can be educated satisfactorily in the general education setting, with aids and services, then that is the student's LRE.

Special education programs and services at Victor Central Schools are reviewed and revised annually, to reflect the needs of our students. A range of services are provided, in accordance with Part 200 Regulations, including:

  • Related Services
  • Transitional Support Services
  • Consultant Teacher Services
  • Resource Room
  • Special Class programs
  • Special Schools
  • Home/Hospital Instruction