School and Community Relations

The Office of School and Community Relations works in collaboration with the Superintendent, teachers, students, staff, administrators, the Board of Education, parent groups and community members to educate and inform the school community year-round. 

The Victor Central Schools website is the central source for all District communication, however, communications are available through a variety of other channels year-round, including, but not limited to the VCS News Magazine, the District calendar, E-Alumni newsletters, special mailings and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

From critical programs and policies to timely daily news happenings and updates, our goal is to keep residents connected in the most positive, proactive ways possible. 

If you have a news story or photo you think is worthy of publication or would like to discuss another communication matter, please call or e-mail us.

Contact Information

District Phone Number: 585-924-3252

Kimberly Doell

Phone Numbers:
School: ext. 1407

Elizabeth Welch

Phone Numbers:
School: ext. 1408

Communication is Key

Questions or Concerns?
In the interest of promoting effective communications, we have developed a checklist outlining the personnel to contact with a question and/or concern. In order to facilitate the use of this checklist, when you contact someone you will find that you will be asked if you have contacted the staff member most immediately involved in the issue. If you have done so and you did not receive a response or resolution, then you should proceed to the next person.

Contact Checklist below:

 Contact  Ext.
 Early Childhood Schoo Main Office  2600
 Primary School Main Office  3600
 Intermediate School Main Office  4600
 Junior High School Main Office  5600
 Senior High School Main Office  6600
 Junior High Guidance Office  5406
 Senior High Guidance Office  6408
 Assistant Superintendent for Business  1410
 Facilities and Operations  7127
 Transportation  7600


 Contact  Ext.
 School Nutrition  6470
 Athletics  6307
 Assistant Superintendent for Instruction  3182
 Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Services  3182
 Director of Elementary Special Education  3186
 Director of Secondary Special Education  5415
 Superintendent  1402
 District Clerk  1402
 Board of Education  1402
 Coordinator of District Security  6430