COVID Information

Welcome to the Victor Reopening Page. On this page you will find updated messages from the Superintendent along with links to our Reopening Plan Fact Sheet, which lists critical aspects from our reopening plan, along with frequently asked questions. In addition to these items we also have a "live" frequently asked question page that will be updated with more questions and answers as we move closer to September. Finally, the page contains our specific reopening plan, which contains detailed information about how we are opening school. You can find these to the right. If you are viewing from your mobile phone click on the yellow bar that says Menu. Then click on the + next to 2020 Reopening. 


News Release from Ontario County
Urges Patience – 2.25.21

Advocating for In-Person school Five days a week. 

From the Board of Education meeting on February 11th. We need criteria and metrics from the state that allow us to reduce the social distancing requirements in schools, which will allow us to return to in-person school 5 days a week. Let's follow the science and do it safely. Please click on this link for a blueprint of an advocacy letter that parents can share with the Governor. The Board and Superintendent will send an advocacy letter to state and local officials in the next few days.