2021 Progress Reports

  • Parents are able to access published elementary progress reports on March 15, 2021.
Hybrid Model
  • For children in the hybrid model, grades will be based on the information teachers have gathered while working with their students. Grading will focus on growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Special Area Classes and 4-6 Science/Social Studies will utilize a narrative summary instead of grade and effort scales. A link will be added to the progress report that will bring parents to these grade level narratives.
100% Remote Model
  • At the District level, discussions have occurred on how best to report the progress of our elementary student in the 100% remote model, taking into account the unique learning experiences that exist during this school year. We realize that interactions with students and their families are personalized and based on individual needs. The progress reports this year will, therefore, be adjusted to include a narrative on what is known about the child’s educational growth and will also speak to the different ways that students are engaging with in-person opportunities. Overall, the progress report will provide you with a snapshot of your child’s academic growth based on what the teacher knows about the student.