Remote Learning, Testing, and Contact Tracing

Remote Learning
Victor Central School (VCS) will accomplish remote learning by having an option for students to learn 100% online if parents choose to do so. We are making sure that students who are 100% online are part of a teacher’s class roster and have access to all of the materials that students in the hybrid model have access to. In addition, there will be dedicated time for teachers to have smaller groups of students interacting with them through synchronous and asynchronous practices. Students will also have consistent time to interact with their teacher if they have questions. The District sent a survey to parents asking for information regarding internet and device access so we can provision to deliver additional Chromebooks and hotspots to families who need them.  

Any staff or student who displays symptoms of COVID-19, will be placed in a designated isolation space, evaluated and supervised by one of our school nursing staff members who will be outfitted in all of the designated and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  
Once the symptoms are confirmed, the symptomatic individual will remain in the isolation room until they are picked up by a parent/guardian in the case of students, or a loved one or can leave on their own accord in the case of a staff member. If the symptomatic individual is picked up by a parent, guardian, or in the case of a staff member, picked up by a loved one or is able to leave on their own accord, they will be encouraged to visit their pediatrician, physician, urgent care facility, or a local testing facility. 
Individuals who are symptomatic will not be allowed to return to the school until they reach clearance in accordance with the Department of Health guidance. 
Contact Tracing
The Victor Central School District will coordinate closely with the local Department of Health as they facilitate the contact tracing process. Using our daily attendance and class by class attendance, our student management system, our camera system, seating charts (bus and classroom), and our visitor logs (if visitors are permitted) we will work with the local Department of Health to provide them the information they need to conduct a proper and thorough Contact Tracing.