2021 Capital Project


Project Timeline

  • Fall 2020 Approximate Bidding of the Project
  • Spring 2021 Construction Should Begin
  • Fall 2023 Project Completion


2021 Proposed Capital Project Q&A

Why is VCS Proposing a Capital Project Now?

Last spring, Victor Central School administrators, in conjunction with the District’s architectural firm, SWBR, completed a state mandated Building Condition Survey. This professional assessment of every building, required by the New York State Education Department every five years, is designed to:

  • Uphold the highest level of health, safety and welfare for all students
  • Sustain excellence in education program quality
  • Maintain modern campus infrastructure
  • Maximize current building utilization
  • Minimize energy usage
  • Implement justifiable sustainable initiatives

The largest component of the proposed 2021 capital project is the construction of a new Transportation Center to replace the existing 50-year old bus garage located on the north end of the VCS campus. Other work includes general roofing, roads and various building renovations and maintenance. The specific scope of work can be found in the Proposed Building Improvement Details section of this brochure.

Who was involved in the development of the capital project proposal?

The capital project proposal is the result of a team effort. The committee consisted of not only community members but District administrators, staff, students, and Board of Education representatives.

Proposed Building Improvement Details:

Based on enrollment (both current and projected) as well as mandatory maintenance checks that come under review every five years in what is known as a Building Condition Survey, the Capital Project Advisory Committee recommends the following renovations/upgrades at each building:

Early Childhood School – $6,855,501

  • Build third-floor addition
  • Add exterior toilet rooms
  • Replace roof
  • Add crawlspace ventilation

Primary School – $5,479,174

  • Replace playground
  • Renovate cafeteria kitchen and serving line
  • Replace roof system
  • Add ventilation in kiln room
  • Add ventilation in basement

Intermediate School – $1,381,113

  • Replace playground
  • Replace carpet throughout building

Junior/Senior High Schools – $3,316,643

  • Repair track surface
  • Renovate and addition to Senior High School locker rooms
  • Replace HVAC equipment and air handlers
  • Replace approximately 100 feet of hot water supply/return piping in High School cafeteria vicinity (rebalance existing pumps)
  • Install fan and duct system to Senior High School science storage
  • Install fan and duct system adjacent to Senior High School cafeteria kitchen
  • Install fan and duct system adjacent to Junior High School cafeteria kitchen

Transportation Center (Bus Garage) – $9,900,000

  • Build new 10,000 square foot transportation building to include five mechanic bays, one wash bay, a training center, offices, breakroom and Board of Education meeting space
  • Renovate existing bus garage to include facilities department offices, District’s records management and copy centers, education space, and campus-wide storage space for desks, chairs, etc.

Campus Wide – $2,354,996

  • General renovation and reconstruction
  • Replace standard definition classroom projectors with 4K high resolution interactive panel displays.

Estimated Project Costs and Tax Impact

  • The estimated cost of this project is $29,287,427.
  • The District will be using $2,500,000 from the capital reserve fund for this project. State aid will cover a portion of the project.
  • The tax impact of this project would be .16 cents per thousand dollars of full property value.
    ~ For example, a $200,000 home would cost taxpayers $32 per year.
    ~ The cost for a STAR recipient would be $27 per year.
    ~ The cost for an Enhanced STAR recipient would be $21 per year.
  • The tax impact is expected to occur in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

When would we vote on this project?

The referendum vote for the community is scheduled for:

Monday, November 18, 2019
Noon - 8:00 pm
Primary School Gymnasium

When would this project begin?

If the proposed project is approved by voters on November 18, 2019, construction should begin the Spring of 2021 and be completed the Fall of 2023.

2021 Proposed Capital Project Video