0200 - School District Goals and Objectives

Adoption Date: 10/14/1999, Revised: 6/9/2011 
0000 - Goals and Objectives

0200 School District Goals and Objectives

To further its educational philosophy, the Board of Education establishes the following as a basis for specific school community goals and objectives:

1. to employ the best possible school staff, including both professional and support personnel;

2. to encourage the development of positive and supportive interpersonal relationships among the students, the staff and members of the community;

3. to ensure that all stakeholders are afforded opportunities for meaningful participation in the development and evaluation of programs and policies;

4. to strive for maximum efficiency in the use of District resources to meet the goals and objectives of the various programs and services;

5. to provide educational programs and services which fulfill the needs of the District and comply with Commissioner's Regulations; and

6. to promote the development of programs and services which encourage cooperative interaction between the community-at-large and District staff and students.

The District instructional program will help student(s) to become:

1. effective communicators;

2. quality producers;

3. complex thinkers; and

4. life-long learners.

Furthermore, the instructional program will assist each person to:

1. appreciate and respect authority and the law within a democratic process;

2. assume a fuller sense of responsibility for himself/herself and others;

3. achieve satisfaction in working to accomplish worthy goals;

4. act with poise, self-confidence, and good physical coordination;

5. exhibit fair play and good sportsmanship; and

6. participate in family life and worthwhile leisure activities.

The District fully accepts the concepts that learning is a lifelong process, and toward this end actively encourages people of all ages to participate in a wide range of activities.

The Board shall adopt, on an annual basis, specific school community goals (copies of which shall be available through the office of the Superintendent of Schools) which reflect the foregoing general goals and objectives.

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