0310 - Board Self-Evaluation

Adoption Date: 10/14/1999, Revised: 5/12/2011 
0000 - Goals and Objectives

0310 Board Self-Evaluation

The Board of Education is committed to the continuous improvement of the District and its own functioning. Accordingly, the members of the Board shall conduct an annual  self-evaluation to determine the degree to which they are meeting their responsibilities as Board members and the needs of their educational community. The annual self-evaluation exercise should be conducted in the May/June timeframe to ensure that the results of the evaluation include input from any Board members whose term may be expiring at the end of June.

This self-evaluation shall be positive, frank and honest, and shall focus on evaluating the Board as a whole, not as individuals. The self-evaluation shall be based on the goals the Board sets for itself, not on goals it sets for the entire District. The results of the evaluation shall be used to establish priorities for action and specific goals and objectives to strengthen the operation of the Board.

The Board shall use a questionnaire as the self-evaluation instrument.