0400 - School Improvement Plans

Adoption Date: 8/12/1999, Revised: 11/12/2009 
0000 - Goals and Objectives

0400 School Improvement Plans

The Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop a comprehensive school improvement plan for those school buildings identified by the Commissioner of Education as most in need of assistance (if any), in accordance with Commissioner's Regulations.

The school improvement plan must be developed in consultation with teachers, administrators, students, parents, and appropriate school service professionals, as well as with staff of the State Education Department (SED) or others assigned to assist the planning process. The plan must address the areas of deficiency and any changes in the school program required by the Commissioner.

The Board must approve the plan and submit it to SED no later than April 30th of the school year in which the Commissioner requires it. The plan must be implemented no later than the September following its approval. The Board will comply with any additional requirements of SED that arise as it monitors the implementation of the plan.

Policy References:
8 NYCRR §100.2(m)(3)