1000 - Community Relations Goals

Adoption Date: 10/14/1999, Revised: 4/14/2011; 12/11/2014 
1000 - Community Relations

1000 Community Relations Goals

The Board of Education strives to conduct District affairs by way of a continuing, open dialogue between the community and the schools. Given District residents’ high level of interest in the education of children, the Board wishes to maintain its high level of sensitivity to the needs and desires of the community and to act expeditiously to meet the changing needs and conditions.

To this end, the Board of Education establishes the following goals for community involvement:

1. to provide a variety of means whereby all residents of the School District may have the opportunity to contribute their best thinking to the orderly planning of education for children in the District;

2. to keep the community accurately informed about its schools;

3. to understand community attitudes and aspirations for the schools;

4. to encourage contributions from the parent-teacher associations of the District so that school personnel and parents cooperate to advance the educational welfare of the children;

5. to handle all complaints from the public by the administrative officer in charge of the unit of the School District organization closest to the complainant. However, such complaints may be carried to the Superintendent of Schools and/or the Board if the problem cannot be solved at that level;

6. to promote a spirit of cooperation among the Board, the schools, and the community;

7. to develop and maintain the confidence of the community in the Board and the School District staff;

8. to expand the public understanding of every aspect of the school system, and stimulate public interest in the school;

9. to facilitate dissemination of information to the community concerning issues and activities in the school using not only traditional modes of communication, such as a District newsletter, but also current modes of communication such as the District’s website and social networking sites;

10. to ascertain the community's opinions and desires with respect to the operations of the school system, and to incorporate that knowledge into its actions;

11. to build relationships with local businesses, local government, health care, social service, civic and community organizations to share resources in order to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all of our students; and

12. to develop and maintain an effective means of communication with the people of the District.

Notwithstanding the above, the final decisions in these areas will rest with the Board.