1150 - School Budget and Bond Referenda Information

Adoption Date: 6/10/1999, Revised: 4/14/2011 
1000 - Community Relations

1150 School Budget and Bond Referenda Information

The annual District budget shall be submitted for voter approval as required by law. Any voter-presented propositions shall be submitted in accordance with the procedure specified by law and District policy. The resubmission of any defeated budget or the submission of any propositions by the Board of Education will be done at the discretion of the Board as permitted by law.

The Superintendent of Schools shall approve all information regarding District expenditures submitted to the District voters for approval. The Superintendent shall ensure that any document, newsletter, advertisement or other communication prepared and/or distributed at District expense shall be factual in nature to the best of his/her knowledge, and shall not exhort District voters to vote to approve or disapprove any matter submitted for voter approval.