1740 - Relationship With Nonpublic Schools

Adoption Date: 12/9/1999, Revised: 5/9/2013 
1000 - Community Relations

1740 Relationship With Nonpublic Schools

In recognition of its responsibility under state law and regulation, the Board of Education shall make available required public school materials, equipment and services to resident students who attend nonpublic schools.

Textbook Loan

The Board recognizes that section 701 of the Education Law requires all Boards to purchase and to loan, upon individual request, textbooks to all children residing in the District who are attending grades kindergarten through twelve in any public or nonpublic school which complies with the compulsory education law.

It is also understood that the textbooks must be "loaned free" to the children, but Boards may make reasonable rules and regulations regarding such loan(s).

Therefore, the following rules and regulations shall govern the loan of textbooks to residents of the District attending nonpublic schools:

1. The textbooks shall remain the property of the District.

2. The textbooks shall be returned at the end of the nonpublic school's year.

3. If lost or destroyed, the textbooks shall be paid for in the same fashion as the students attending District schools.

Instructional Computer Hardware and Software Loan

The Board recognizes its responsibility to loan instructional computer hardware and software, upon request, to all pupils legally attending nonpublic elementary or secondary schools located in the School District. The District shall loan instructional computer hardware and software on an equitable basis, however software and hardware purchased with any local, federal or state funds, other than Instructional Computer Hardware or Software Aid funds, are not required to be loaned to nonpublic school students.

In addition, the District will only purchase and loan software programs that do not contain material of a religious nature.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent of Schools, or his/her designee, to establish any and all rules, regulations and procedures necessary to implement and maintain this policy. The Superintendent, or his/her designee, will specify the date by which requests must be received by the District and provide notice to all nonpublic schools within the District of that date.

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