1800 - Gifts From the Public

Adoption Date: 12/9/1999, Revised: 12/8/2011 
1000 - Community Relations

1800 Gifts From the Public

It shall be the policy of the District to accept a gift, provided it is made within the statutory authority granted to school districts and has received the approval of the Board of Education.

The Board reserves the right to refuse to accept any gift which does not contribute towards the achievement of the District’s goals or the ownership of which would tend to deplete the resources of the District.

Any gift accepted by the Board or the Superintendent shall become the property of the District, may not be returned without the approval of the Board, and is subject to the same controls and regulations as are other properties of the District.

In granting or withholding its consent, the Board will review the following factors:

1. The terms of the gift must identify

a. the subject of the gift;
b. the purpose of the gift;
c. the beneficiary or beneficiaries if any; and
d. all conditions or restrictions that may apply.

2. The gift must not benefit a particular or named individual or individuals.

3. If the purpose of the gift is an award to a single student, the determination of the recipient of such award shall be made on the basis that all students shall have an equal opportunity to qualify for it in conformance with federal and state law.

4. If the gift is in trust, the obligation of the investment and reinvestment of the principal shall be clearly specified and the application of the income or investment proceeds shall be clearly set forth.

5. No gift or trust will be accepted by the Board unless

a. it is in support of and a benefit to all or to a particular public school in the District, or
b. it is for a purpose for which the School District could legally expend its own funds, or
c. it is for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students graduating from the District.

 Any gift rejected by the Board shall be returned to the donor or his/her estate within 60 days together with a statement indicating the reasons for the rejection of such gift.

Policy References:
Education Law §1709(12)

Policy Cross References:
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