2170 - Board Member Conflict of Interest


Adoption Date: 8/12/1999, Revised: 2/11/2010 
2000 - Governance and Operations

2170 Board Member Conflict of Interest

The members of the Board of Education shall avoid acting in circumstances where their personal interest conflicts with that of the public whose interest they have been elected to represent. The actions of the Board shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the General Municipal Law, any other applicable law and the code of ethics established pursuant to Board Policy 2160.

Policy References:
Education Law §§2103; 2502(7); 2590-c; 2590-g; 2590-j(4); 3016
General Municipal Law §§800 et seq.
Local Finance Law §60.10

Policy Cross References:
 » 9120.1 - Conflict of Interest