2210 - Board Organizational Meeting


Adoption Date: 3/9/2000, Revised: 10/10/2013; 09/10/2015, 08/11/2016, 08/10/2017 
2000 - Governance and Operations

2210 Board Organizational Meeting

The Board of Education recognizes its obligation to hold an annual organizational meeting. The purpose of the organizational meeting is to elect officers of the Board and make the proper appointments and designations of other District employees for the proper management of the School District during the school year. The Board shall also perform such annual functions as are designated by law.

The Board will hold its annual organizational meeting on the first Tuesday in July. If that day is a legal holiday, the Board will hold the meeting on the first Wednesday in July. The Board may alternately hold the meeting on a date during the first 15 days in July that is not a legal holiday.

The District Clerk shall call the meeting to order, and shall preside until the election of a new president. The order of business to be conducted at the organizational meeting shall include items required or implied by state law and/or regulation. The Board may also conduct general District business, including properly entering into executive session, if necessary, at the end of the meeting before adjourning.

I. Oath of Office

The District Clerk shall administer and countersign the oath of office to newly-elected Board members. Such oath shall conform to Article XIII-1 of the New York State Constitution, and Section 10 of the Public Officers Law. No new Board member shall be permitted to vote until he/she has taken the oath of office.

The Superintendent shall sign the oath of office.

II. Election of Board Officers

The Board shall elect a president and vice-president for the ensuing year, and administer the oath of office to them. A majority of all members of the Board shall be necessary for a valid election.

III. Appointment of District Officers
     The Board shall appoint the following District officers:

  • District Clerk
  • District Treasurer
  • Tax Collector
  • Claims Auditor

The officers may sign the oath at the convenience of the Superintendent.

IV. Appointment of Other Positions
     The Board shall appoint the following positions:

  • School Physician
  • School Attorney
  • Attendance Officer
  • School Purchasing Agent
  • Insurance Consultant
  • External Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Records Access Officer
  • Records Management Officer
  • Asbestos (LEA) Designee
  • Title IX/Section 504 Hearing Officer(s)
  • Committee on Preschool Special Education
  • Committee on Special Education
  • Treasurer – Extra Classroom Activities Account
  • Dignity Act Coordinators
  • Designated Education Official

V. Bonding of Personnel

  • $100,000 coverage endorsement from a blanket bond for each employee
  • $1 million policy for District Treasurer, Tax Collector, and Claims Auditor
  • $500,000 coverage from faithful performance bonds for Accounts Payable Clerk, Payroll Clerk, School Business Administrator

VI. Designations
     The Board shall designate/approve:

  • official depositories for District funds
  • official District newspaper(s)
  • the day and time of regular meetings
  • the day and time of the organizational meeting of the following school year
  • the rate for mileage reimbursement

VII. Authorizations

  • of a person to certify payroll
  • of contracts for student services (such as health), and tuition contracts, when necessary
  • of attendance at conferences, conventions, workshops, etc., with designated expenses
  • to establish petty cash funds (and to set amount of such funds)
  • to designate authorized signatures on checks
  • of Board and District memberships in professional organizations
  • to offer School District employee and officer indemnification under Public Officer’s Law §18
  • of positions entitled to use District-owned cell phones
  • of Board representative(s) for appointing Impartial Hearing Officers
  • of Superintendent of Schools to approve budget transfers, and the monetary limits of such transfers

VIII. Other Items

  • School Business Administrator and District Treasurer to execute wire transfers of District funds
  • Superintendent to employ staff members pending Board approval at its next regular meeting
  • District to participate in all BOCES Cooperative and County Bids for the current school year
  • Superintendent and the School Business Administrator or Treasurer to jointly confer, and then invest – if deemed appropriate – such portions of the District money available for time deposit accounts, certificates of deposit, short term government securities, or other investments permitted by law
  • Superintendent to apply for State and Federal Grants in Aid
  • Board of Education members to attend conferences, conventions and workshops with expenses paid by the School District
  • Superintendent to purchase consultant and professional services
  • Director of Human Resources, or (alternate) School Business Administrator to sign Civil Service Reports of Personnel Change
  • establish compensation rate for Board of Elections and Board of Registration
  • appoint Board of Registration
  • establish substitute rates
  • The Board shall review its policies.
  • The Board shall review the following policies on Investments (6240), Purchasing (6700), Code of Conduct (5300), and Parental Involvement (1900) as required by law.
  • The Board shall review building-level student attendance data as required under Commissioner’s Regulations section 104.1, and if the data shows a decline in attendance rates, shall review its policy on Attendance (5100).
  • Adopt District-level School Safety Plan and Building-level Safety Plan.
  • Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Principal/Teacher Lead Evaluator Resolution.
  • Civil Service Standard Work Hours Resolution.

The Board shall conduct general business at this meeting before it adjourns, if it so desires.

Policy References:
New York State Constitution, Article XIII, §1
General Municipal Law §103(2) 
Public Officers Law §§10; 13; 30
Education Law §§305(31); 701; 1707; 1904; 2130; 2504; 1723a
8 NYCRR§104.1

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