2250 - Board Committees


Adoption Date: 3/9/2000, Revised: 9/9/2010 
2000 - Governance and Operations

2250 Board Committees

The Board of Education and/or the President of the Board may, from time to time, establish committees for the purpose of undertaking a specific assignment in connection with Board activity. The President of the Board shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees to which he/she is not appointed. Board committees shall undertake studies and make reports as charged by the Board, but shall not act on behalf of the Board.

The Board may establish standing or ad hoc committees and reserves the right to terminate any committees at any time. All committees shall be discharged upon the completion of their assignment.

Standing and/or ad hoc committees may be appointed to study and to recommend a course of action in response to department, building or district needs. The composition of each committee shall reflect its purpose and each committee shall have a clear assignment. These committees may be appointed by the Board, the Superintendent or other administrators, with the knowledge of the Superintendent, and in accordance with the range of responsibilities of the appointing body or administrator to whom the committee shall report.

All committees and/or sub-committees of the Board must abide by the provisions of the Open Meetings Law. Such committees must meet publicly, go into executive session only on a motion and only for one of the permitted topics, give advance notice of meetings, make public minutes and otherwise comply with all requirements of the Open Meetings Law.

Any official policy-level action shall be in the sole discretion of the Board. The Board is in no way obligated to follow committee recommendations. The Board has the right to accept, reject, or modify all or any part of a committee recommendation.

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