4010 - Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials


Adoption Date: 4/11/2019
4000 - Instruction

4010 Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials

In accordance with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Board of Education directs that services in Title I schools and programs, when taken as a whole, shall be substantially comparable to services in schools and programs that do not receive Title I funds. This includes curriculum materials, instructional supplies, and personnel (teachers, administrators, and other personnel).

The Superintendent of Schools shall follow the State Education Department guidelines in determining such equivalence on an annual basis, and report to the Board, upon request, on the status of District Schools with regard to equivalence. The District shall maintain records, updated biannually, documenting this equivalence.

Complaints regarding the District’s implementation of this equivalence requirement shall be addressed in accordance with Board policy 1400, Public Concerns.

Policy References:
20 USC §6321(c)

Policy Cross References:
1400 – Public Concerns