4320.2 - Music Instrument Rentals


Adoption Date: 6/8/2001, Revised: 4/14/2011 
4000 - Instruction

4320.2 Music Instrument Rentals

All instrumental music students shall be expected to own or rent their instruments, unless the instrument is not available for rental through local music vendors. The Music Department shall maintain a current list of unavailable instruments.

The District shall provide instruments to students who demonstrate financial need. (Financial need shall be determined through qualification for the free or reduced lunch program.) To the extent possible, the District shall provide instruments to students who are unable to rent instruments due to limited availability through music vendors. Decisions will be dependent upon the individual student's talent, merit and the need for a balanced instrumentation at each grade level.

Students and parents/guardians will assume responsibility for proper care of school-owned instruments while the instrument is in their possession, and shall pay for any damages to the instrument due to neglect or misuse of the instrument. Any person receiving a school owned instrument shall sign a borrowing agreement form to be kept on file with the Music Department until the instrument is returned to the District.

The district will only transport, in its own vehicles, those instruments whose size conforms to all existing laws regulating district transportation.