4322 - Programs for the Gifted and Talented


Adoption Date: 6/8/2000, Revised: 12/8/2016 
4000 - Instruction

4322 Programs for the Gifted and Talented

The Board of Education encourages educational programs which challenge and promote the realization of individual potential in all students. The Board also recognizes that further efforts are necessary to extend educationally and in a cost-effective manner the allocation of resources towards appropriate educational programs for students identified as gifted and talented.

The Board believes that programs traditionally viewed as for the gifted and talented greatly benefit the entire school program and encourages programs that provide enrichment opportunities for all students. The Board also recognizes the value of community support for program success and encourages the use of community resources for special programs and periodic reporting of activities through the District newsletter.

The negotiable aspects of this policy will be adopted and implemented in conformity with the Taylor Law and agreements negotiated with the individual bargaining units representing staff.

Policy References:
Education Law §3208(5) 
8 NYCRR Part 142; §§117.3(g)