4327 - Homebound Instruction


Adoption Date: 6/8/2000, Revised: 9/11/2014 
4000 - Instruction

4327 Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is a service provided to students who are unable to attend school due to medical, emotional or disciplinary problems. Secondary students receive instruction for two hours per day and elementary students receive one hour per day. Students receive credit for their work while on homebound instruction.

The Board designates the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee to develop guidelines for providing homebound instruction. These guidelines will be used by the administration when placing a student on homebound instruction.

Homebound instruction will strive to keep the student on pace to rejoin his/her class and maintain academic progress. The Board recognizes that students who are out of school for extended periods of time are at risk of falling behind academically and/or losing connection to the school community. The Board directs the administration to evaluate periodically whether homebound instruction is effective in keeping students on track to graduate, and if not, to take steps to improve instruction and implement approaches and/or offer services that support the transition back to school.

Policy References:
Education Law §§1709(24); 4401 et seq.
8 NYCRR §175.21

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