4526.2 - District Website


Adoption Date: 9/13/2007
Revised: 1/17/2019
4000 - Instruction

4526.2 District Website 

Website Purpose
The availability of Internet access at Victor Central Schools provides an opportunity for students and staff to inform the world about our school. It can be used to inform parents of school activities, to encourage learning by participation in its development and to show everyone the integrity of our academic environment. Doing so furthers the success of our Mission Statement.

The District will create and maintain a website for the following purposes:

  • To support the District’s mission
  • To provide the community with information about the District and its schools
  • To provide students and the community with support for learning
  • To serve as a channel for feedback from students, families, and the community; and
  • To serve as a communication tool regarding classroom activities for students and their families

In addition to compliance with other Board Policies and Regulation, web pages posted on the District’s website must adhere to the following criteria:

1.    A web page may be posted for educational, informational and/or promotional puposes by:

  • A District-sanctioned student organization, extracurricular group or athletic team
  • A District or building-level sanctioned committee
  • An instructional department
  • District administration
  • A classroom teacher for his/her classroom

2.    Websites/web pages created by school groups, extracurricular organizations, athletic organizations, or departments must include the name of the responsible staff member. They must adhere to the overall purpose of District website.

3.    Neither staff nor students may publish personal web pages as part of the District’s web presence.

4.    All web pages must meet legal, moral and ethical standards including adherence to copyright laws.

5.    Web page content

  • Websites/web pages content may include school-related material such as student work, school and department news, events and activities, calendars, class work, and assignments.
  • Websites/web pages must be designed to protect students, families, employees and any other persons from unwanted disclosure of personally identifying information.

6.    Student generated websites

  • In cases where students work with a staff member in the construction and maintenance of a website/web page, the staff member is responsible for ensuring that students have the necessary technical training and that they fully understand and adhere to District policies and regulations.
  • Posting of content to our website must be done by a staff member and not a student.


The District reserves the right to remove and/or not post any part of the web page that it deems to be legally, morally, or ethically inappropriate or any web page not in the best interest of the school. The Victor Central School District website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Policy References:
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. §794d)