4600 - School Counseling Program


Adoption Date: 7/10/2000, Revised: 5/10/2018 
4000 - Instruction

4600 School Counseling Program

The District shall design a comprehensive developmental school counseling program K-12, in coordination with the teaching staff and any appropriate pupil personnel service providers, to:

  • prepare students to participate effectively in their current and future educational programs;
  • provide information related to college and careers, and
  • assist students who may exhibit challenges to academic success including, but not limited to, attendance or behavioral concerns and, where appropriate, to make a referral to a properly licensed professional and/or certified pupil personnel service provider for more targeted supports.

School Counselors will:

  • provide additional direct student services as necessary such as crisis response, group counseling, and assisting students that exhibit attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment concerns while encouraging parental involvement;
  • provide referrals to appropriate licensed professionals, as needed;
  • provide an annual individual progress review plan for students in grades 6-12 which shall reflect each student’s educational progress and career plans; and

develop a school counseling plan that includes program objectives, activities, program development and maintenance planning, school counseling, curriculum development, professional development planning, evaluation methods based on data analysis of program results and closing the gap analysis reports to inform program improvement, and assessment of the resources necessary to support positive student outcomes. 

Policy References:
8 NYCRR §100.2(j)