4771 - Early Graduation


Adoption Date: 7/10/2000, Revised: 12/8/2016 
4000 - Instruction

4771 Early Graduation

The Board of Education, in certain instances, shall grant students who wish to graduate from high school in less time than the ordinary four-year sequence the permission to complete graduation requirements on an alternative schedule. To this end, all normal graduation requirements must be completed for early graduation.

Students graduating early shall be ranked with the graduating class, and shall be eligible for all honors and awards available to that class, including Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude.

In regard to individual student requests, the following factors may be considered: the student's grades, performance in school, his/her future plans, and benefits that would accrue to the student if the request for early graduation were to be approved. The building principal shall make the final decision on whether to grant permission after consultation with the individual student's counselor, the English department chairman, student and parent(s)/guardian(s).

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