5000 - Student Policies Goals


Adoption Date: 10/12/2000, Revised: 1/15/2015 
5000 - Students

5000 Student Policies Goals

Students are the focal point of all District operations and must receive the primary attention of the Board of Education and all staff members. Consequently, the Board will spend most of its time in study, deliberation, and policy formulation on matters directly related to student welfare.

The Board recognizes the individual worth of each student. The Board and staff accept the responsibility of helping each student to develop his/her capacity for intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. The Board acknowledges that a student's growth is influenced by his/her environment, both at home and in school. Therefore, the School District shall strive to create an environment in which the student may learn to live and adapt successfully in an ever-changing world, in order to become a responsible and productive member of society.

The Board and District staff shall work together to achieve the following goals:

1. to tailor the learning program to each student's learning styles, interests, and aspirations;

2. to protect and observe the legal rights of students;

3. to enhance the self-image of each student by helping him/her feel respected and worthy through a learning environment that provides positive encouragement through frequent success;

4. to provide an environment in which students can learn personal and civic responsibility for their actions through meaningful experiences as school citizens; and

5. to promote faithful attendance and good work.