5130 - Compulsory Attendance Ages


Adoption Date: 10/12/2000, Revised: 3/20/2014 
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5130 Compulsory Attendance Ages

All children are required by New York State law to attend school full time, in a public, private or parochial school, unless exempt from attendance in conjunction with current law or regulation, and approved by the State Education Department from the first day of session in September of the school year in which the minor becomes six years of age through the last day of the school year in which such minor becomes sixteen years of age, unless he/she has completed a four-year high school course of study. A minor who has completed a four-year high school course of study is not required to attend.

Additionally, students between the ages of sixteen and seventeen are required to attend school until the last day of session in the school year in which they become seventeen, unless they are employed. Proof of employment must be furnished to the Superintendent of Schools in the form of a letter from the employer.

The Board of Education, through the Superintendent of Schools as chief administrative officer, is responsible for enforcement of the Compulsory Education Law.

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