5280 - Interscholastic Athletics


Adoption Date: 10/12/2000, Revised: 6/13/2013; 07/09/2015 
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5280 Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic athletics for boys and girls is an integral and desirable part of the District’s secondary school educational program. Individual and team sports shall be based upon comprehensive physical education instruction and intramural activities, seeking broad participation from all eligible secondary students. Lifetime or carry-over sports are to be particularly encouraged and supported. Parity in the number and kind of sports activities for girls and boys is a clear objective of the District. The Board supports an interscholastic athletics program which keeps winning and losing in proper perspective while stressing that hard work, diligence and extra effort are positive ingredients for success.

The Board acknowledges that because of the public nature of interscholastic athletics, student-athletes represent not only their families and themselves, but also their school and their community and, therefore, must conduct themselves accordingly.

Student eligibility for participation on interscholastic teams shall include:

1.    authorization by the school physician;

2.    written parent or guardian consent (the written consent will contain information for parents on mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and will provide a link to the State Education Department’s web page on TBI); and

3.    endorsement by the building principal based on established rules and various league and State Education Department regulations.

Although the District will take reasonable care to protect student athletes, students may still sustain injuries. In order to most effectively ensure student safety, open communication between students, parents and coaches about the child’s medical condition is critical. Coaches and other appropriate staff will receive guidance and training regarding recognition of injury and removal of the student athlete from play in the event of injury. Parents and/or students are expected to report injuries so that student health can be protected.

In the case of a suspected or actual head injury, a student must be removed from play immediately. In order to resume participation following injury, including head injury, the student needs to receive medical clearance. The Superintendent, or his/her designee, in consultation with appropriate District staff, including the school physician, will develop regulations and procedures to guide the process of return to play.

In recognition of the importance of appropriately managing head injuries, the Board authorizes the creation of a Concussion Management Team (CMT). The CMT will be comprised of the athletic director, a school nurse, the school physician, the athletic trainer and other appropriate personnel designated by the Superintendent. The CMT is charged with overseeing compliance with state training requirements, developing guidelines for use by coaches and physical education teachers and developing information for distribution to parents and students.

A physician's certificate may be required before an athlete is permitted to return to practice or competition.

Athletic Placement Process (formerly Selection/Classification)

The Board permits students in grades 7 and 8 who wish to play at the freshman, junior varsity or varsity level in all sports to do so provided they can complete the entire Athletic Placement Process (APP). A description of the APP is available from the District’s Athletic Director.

The Board permits students in grade 9 who wish to play at the modified level in all sports to do so provided they can demonstrate it is an appropriate level based on physical and emotional maturity, in conformance with the APP.  

The administration shall be responsible to develop guidelines which meet the spirit and intent of this policy as well as regulations pertaining to the eligibility standards for participation in interscholastic sports including student grades and codes of conduct in relationship to good school citizenship, attendance and training.

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