5695 - Students and Personal Electronic Devices


Adoption Date: 11/9/2000, Revised: 1/10/2013 
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5695 Students and Personal Electronic Devices

The Board of Education recognizes that there are personal electronic devices that have educational applications such as calculators, voice recorders, digital cameras and music listening devices. In some instances a “smart phone” may include applications that permit these functions. These devices shall be allowed to be used in classrooms only when they are included as part of a lesson under the direction of a teacher.

The Board acknowledges that cellular phones, pagers, and 2-way communication systems can be a positive means to facilitate communication; however, the display and/or use of such devices can cause disruption to the educational process.

          Therefore, to prevent such disruption, the display and/or use by students of cellular phones (including smart phones), pagers, and 2-way communication systems and/or other electronic devices shall be determined by the building principal for each school.  Such devices must be turned off and stored out of sight during classes unless specifically permitted to be used by a teacher or administrator. The Superintendent (or designee) shall develop and implement individual building regulations to be communicated to students, parents/guardians, and staff. The District is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged personal electronic devices.

In emergency situations, exceptions to the prohibition of the use of cellular phones, pagers, and 2-way communication systems may be granted by teachers or administrators.

          Misuse of any of these electronic devices will result in its confiscation until the end of the school day. Some uses of personal electronic devices constitute violation of the School District code of conduct and, in some instances, the law. The School District will cooperate with law enforcement officials as appropriate.

Cellular Telephones and Testing

          In order to ensure the integrity of testing, in accordance with state guidelines, students are not allowed to bring cell phones or other electronic devices into classrooms or other exam locations during testing. The exception to this policy is if a teacher gives specific permission for a cell phone or other electronic device to be used during a classroom, non-state assessment.

          Test proctors, monitors and school officials shall have the right to collect cell phones and other prohibited electronic devices prior to the start of the test and to hold them for the duration of the test taking time. Admission to the test will be prohibited to any student who has a cell phone or other electronic device in his/her possession and does not relinquish it.

          Students with individualized education plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, or documentation from a medical practitioner that specifically requires the use of an electronic device may do so as specified.

Policy References:
Price v. New York City Board of Education, 16 Misc.3d 543 (2007).

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