5710 - Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting


Adoption Date: 12/13/2012
5000 - Students

5710 Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting

The Board of Education is committed to promoting and maintaining the safety of all students, staff and visitors to the schools. Consistent with this commitment and in accordance with state law and regulation, the District shall submit an annual report to the Commissioner of Education regarding violent and disruptive incidents. In addition, the Board shall use this data to access the safety of its schools and, where appropriate, identify and take steps to improve the safety and security of its students, staff and visitors.

Reporting Requirement

Each building principal or designee shall be responsible for preparing, on a regular basis, a report of all the violent and disruptive incidents that have occurred on school grounds, at a school function, or at a school-sponsored event and forwarding the report to the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for compiling the reports received from the building principals or designees into the annual report and submitting the report to the Commissioner. The summary report shall contain all the information required by law and shall be filed with the Commissioner on or before a date set by the Commissioner. The Superintendent shall also present this summary report to the Board at its first meeting following the filing of the report with the Commissioner.

The District is responsible for assuring that copies of each VADIR report, both individual and summary reports, are retained until the youngest person involved in a reported incident is 27 years old.


Any violent or disruptive incident report prepared in accordance with law shall be available for inspection by the State Education Department upon request. All names and other personally identifiable information included in any report shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person for use by any person for purposes other than the reporting purposes in Education Law §2802, except as otherwise authorized by law.

Policy References:
Education Law §2802 (Uniform Violent Incident Reporting System)
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