6000 - Fiscal Management Goals


Adoption Date: 12/14/2000, Revised: 4/11/2013 
6000 - Fiscal Management

6000 Fiscal Management Goals

The Board of Education recognizes excellent fiscal planning as a key factor in attaining the District's educational goals and priorities. The Board seeks to engage in thorough advance planning of budgets and to devise expenditures which achieve the greatest educational returns given the District's available resources.

The Board’s establishment of sound fiscal management policies is based on the following tenets.

1.    All laws and regulations governing the use of public funds shall be strictly adhered to.

2.    All District monies shall be expended in an efficient and judicious manner, bringing the greatest benefit to the District.

3.    Funds for which the District has no immediate need shall be legally invested where they can bring the greatest return.

4.    All receipts and expenditures shall be recorded fully and in the proper manner.

5.    The District shall seek and receive all state and federal funds for which it qualifies.

6.    All funds, including cash in buildings, extra-classroom account funds, gifts, and bequests shall be provided maximum protection from misappropriation.

7.    A formal process shall be developed linking fiscal resources and program priorities to the budget.

8.    The budget shall reflect the views of administrators, teachers, students, and taxpayers in translating the educational needs and aspirations of the community in a composite financial plan.

9.    To the extent possible, program evaluation shall be used to assess the effectiveness of all educational programs provided to District students, and future appropriations shall be adjusted accordingly.