6610 - Accounting System


Adoption Date: 12/14/2000, Revised: 5/11/2017 
6000 - Fiscal Management

6610 Accounting System

An accounting system for School District funds shall be established to:

  • safeguard School District funds from loss, theft, waste, or misuse;
  • promote budgetary control;
  • provide information that is necessary in policy formulation;
  • provide information necessary to the public and the school system;
  • provide necessary data for State reports; and
  • show compliance with legal mandates.

The Board of Education requires the School Business Administrator to record a monthly status report for each fund including no less than the appropriate account required in the annual state budget form. The report will show the status of the account in at least the following detail:

Appropriation Accounts

  • Original appropriations;
  • Transfers and adjustments;
  • Adjusted appropriations;
  • Expenditures to date;
  • Outstanding encumbrances;
  • Unencumbered balances.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to plan for the proper handling of all District funds and fixed assets.

Accounting and reporting procedures shall be according to the Uniform System of Accounts as required by the Department of Audit and Control.

Provision shall be made for the adequate storage, security, and disposition of all financial and inventory records.