7100 - Facilities Planning


Adoption Date: 12/14/2000, Revised: 5/12/2011 
7000 - Facilities

7100 Facilities Planning

The Board of Education is responsible for the regular operation and orderly development of the School District’s physical plant. In carrying out this responsibility, the Board is concerned with both short-term and long-range planning.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the following plans for school building facilities:

1.    Comprehensive long-range facilities development plan. This plan shall be kept current and re-evaluated at least annually. It shall include an appraisal of the following:

a.    Educational philosophy of the District, with resulting administrative organization and program requirements;

b.    Present and projected pupil enrollments;

c.    Space use and state rated pupil capacity of existing facilities;

d.    Priority of need of maintenance, repair or modernization of existing facilities, including consideration of the obsolescence and retirement of certain facilities;

e.    Provision of additional facilities.

2.    Five-year capital facilities plan. This plan will be updated annually and shall include the following:

a.    A yearly breakdown of the estimated expenses for construction, additions, alterations, major repairs, system replacement and repairs and maintenance and energy consumption;

b.    A District-wide building inventory including the number and type of facilities; the age, capacity, use and size of each building; and each building’s safety ratings, energy sources, probable useful life, major system repairs needed and asbestos reports.

Policy References:
8 NYCRR Part 155 (Educational Facilities)

Policy Cross References:
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