7360 - Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards


Adoption Date: 12/14/2000, Revised: 9/8/2016 
7000 - Facilities

7360 Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards

All construction contracts in excess of $35,000 and purchases of equipment at a cost in excess of $20,000 must be advertised, bid on and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder in accordance with the District's policy and procedures for competitive bidding. No school building may be erected, purchased, repaired, enlarged or remodeled at an expense which will exceed $100,000, nor may an advertisement for bids for the execution of the plans and specifications for a school building be placed, until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved by the Commissioner of Education. Such plans and specifications will show in detail the ventilation, heating and lighting of such buildings. Construction documents that have been modified subsequent to the Commissioner's approval may not be advertised for bid until the Commissioner has approved such modifications. The successful contractor will enter into a formal contract, prepared by the school attorney, detailing all aspects of the construction to take place.

Every District contract for construction, alteration or repair of any public building or public works, or for the manufacture, sale or distribution of material, equipment or supplies shall contain provisions prohibiting discrimination on account of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, age or sex.

All contractors to whom a contract has been awarded must provide a performance bond obtained through a bonding company licensed to do business in New York State. The required amount of such bond shall be included in the Statement of General Conditions set forth in the advertisement or notice for bids.

All contractors shall guarantee that prevailing rates of wage, as provided for in the Labor Law §220, shall be paid to all workers on public projects in the School District.

Policy References:
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