7500 - Facilities and Public Dedication


Adoption Date: 12/14/2000
7000 - Facilities

7500 Facilities and Public Dedication

The Board of Education recognizes the importance and benefit of publicly recognizing the outstanding performance and contributions of people associated with our school district. This recognition can take many forms, including a Board resolution or proclamation, a memento awarded to the individual, a plaque affixed to a wall in a hallway of a school building designated as a �Hall of Fame�, a plaque affixed to a district facility, the dedication of a facility or part of a facility to an individual or individuals, or other form of recognition deemed suitable by the Board.

Residents and/or employee of the district may nominate a person or persons for recognition by submitting a written proposal to the District Clerk. The proposal must include clear justification for the recognition, a specific description of the recognition proposed, the exact wording of any inscriptions, and the materials to be used to fabricate the recognition. Items should be fabricated so they are as maintenance free as possible.

The Board shall, by majority vote, approve any of the above forms of recognition to be displayed or placed on, or in, or affixed to, district property. This recognition should be for a person or persons who have attained substantial national or local prominence, or who have provided significant benefit to the district either in the course of his/her employment or volunteer efforts on behalf of the district. The recognition may be purchased with district funds authorized by the Board, or through funds received by the district from student, community or parent groups or individuals. The Board reserves the right to approve the materials, design and wording of all forms of recognition.

The Board also reserves the right to hold a public dedication of any new facilities, structures, plaques or other form of public recognition. Sufficient notice to the community regarding the date and time of such dedication will be made.