8115 - Pesticides and Pest Management


Adoption Date: 2/13/2014, Revised: 7/7/2014 
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8115 Pesticides and Pest Management

The Board of Education is committed to maintaining the integrity of school buildings and grounds while protecting the health and safety of students and staff and maintaining a productive learning environment.

 The Board recognizes that pests can pose a significant risk to health and property. Generally, pesticides will not be used on District playgrounds, turf, athletic or playing fields, unless there is an emergency. Emergencies will be handled in accordance with applicable law and regulation.

 Integrated pest management is a systematic approach to managing pests focusing on long term prevention or suppression with minimal impact on human health, the environment and non-targeted organisms. Provisions will be made for the safest possible control method of identified pests in all school buildings and grounds in accordance with the Commissioner’s regulations.

 Notification of Pesticide Application

 All District staff and parents/guardians will be notified of pesticide applications performed at any school facility. A notice will be sent at the beginning of the school year, which will include:

     1.    notification of periodic pesticide applications throughout the school year;

2.    the availability of 48-hour prior written notification of pesticide applications to parents and staff who request such notice;

3.    instructions on how to register with the school to receive this prior written notification; and

4.    the name and number of the District representative who can provide further information.

 A separate notice will be sent to staff and parents/guardians within two days of the end of winter and spring recess and within 10 days of the end of the school year, if pesticides are used, which includes the date, location and product used for each pesticide application which required prior notification and each emergency application.

 The Superintendent of Schools shall ensure the dissemination of this policy and conduct any training necessary to ensure that all staff are fully informed about pesticides and pest management.

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