8132 - Fire Drills


Adoption Date: 2/8/2001, Revised: 2/14/2013 
8000 - Support Services

8132 Fire Drills

The administration of each school building shall instruct and train students, through fire drills, in procedures for leaving the building in the shortest possible time and without confusion or panic. Fire drills shall include instruction on fire drill exits and fire alarm boxes, as well as fire drill procedures.

Fire drills shall be held at least 12 times in each school year; eight of these shall be held between September 1 and December 1. At least one of the 12 drills shall be held during each of the regular lunch periods, or shall include special instruction on the procedures to be followed if a fire occurs during a student's lunch period.

At least two additional drills shall be held during summer school in buildings where summer school is conducted and one of these drills shall be held during the first week of summer school.

Each school of the District shall maintain a detailed floor plan for exiting the building during fire drills and real fires. Such floor plan and a detailed description of exits and routes to follow shall be included in each school's faculty handbook

Policy References:
Education Law §807

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