8133 - Bomb Threats


Adoption Date: 2/8/2001, Revised: 2/14/2013 
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8133 Bomb Threats

The Board of Education recognizes that the potential harm caused by a bomb threat is not limited to serious personal injury and property damage.  A bomb threat can also create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic, which, in turn, can result in the disruption of normal activities and the educational process. The Board further recognizes the District’s responsibility to ensure the safety of students, staff and other building occupants whenever a bomb threat is received by being properly prepared with an identified plan of action to respond to the threat.

A bomb threat is a criminal act and will be treated as one. Any bomb threat to the District will be taken seriously; no bomb threat will be treated as a hoax or a prank. The District will vigorously pursue disciplinary action against any student or staff member caught reporting a bomb threat consistent with the provisions of the student code of conduct, state law or any applicable collective bargaining agreement. In addition, the District will urge law enforcement officials to prosecute any person caught reporting a bomb threat to the fullest extent of the law. Further, the District may seek restitution from the parent or guardian of any minor child between the ages of 10 and 18 who falsely reports a bomb threat or places a bomb for the expense of responding to the false report or incident.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish procedures to be followed by all staff and students in the event of a bomb threat. The procedures shall be made a part of each school’s emergency management plan.  The procedures shall include a requirement that any person receiving information about a bomb threat must immediately notify the building administrator or his/her designee who will, in turn, immediately notify the appropriate law enforcement and initiate the planned actions to move all occupants out of harm’s way.  All appropriate staff shall be given a copy of the procedures, and the Superintendent shall ensure that all staff receives training on their respective roles and responsibilities in the event of a bomb threat.

The Superintendent must inform members of the Board and the parents/guardians of District students as soon as possible after any incident that activates the school emergency management plan, along with actions taken to protect students, staff and property. The Superintendent is also responsible for notifying the State Education Department and the District Superintendent of each bomb threat incident in accordance with requirements established by the State Education Department.  

Policy References:
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Revised Bomb Threat Response Guideline, New York State Education Department and New York State Police, February 1999.

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