8413 - Transportation for Nonpublic School Students


Adoption Date: 2/8/2001, Revised: 2/4/2016 
8000 - Support Services

8413 Transportation for Nonpublic School Students

Transportation requests for students attending nonpublic schools should be received by the District no later than the April 1st preceding the beginning of the next school year. If a student moves into the District later than April 1st, the request should be received within thirty days of establishing residence in the District, but preferably no later than August 1st.

All late requests, however, shall be considered by the Board of Education on the basis of each case’s merits. Criteria used by the Board in judging whether to accept a late request may include but not be limited to the following:

1. whether transportation will require an additional cost, and, if so,

2. the reasonableness of the excuse for the late request.

Policy References:
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