9310 - Physical and Mental Exams


Adoption Date: 6/7/2001, Revised: 3/19/2015 
9000 - Personnel and Negotiations

9310 Physical and Mental Exams

The Board of Education seeks to provide a healthful and safe working environment for the total school community. The Board employs individuals who have physical and mental capacity which will enable such employee to reasonably perform the duties required of the position, and to assure that all employees have a standard of health that will contribute to the safe, healthy and efficient performance of work.

Medical Examinations

The Board reserves the right to request a health examination at any time during employment, at School District expense, in order to determine the physical and mental capacity of an employee to perform his/her duties.

Support staff personnel initially appointed to positions may be requested to obtain physical examinations at the expense of the School District. The physical examination is to be obtained from the school physician.

All bus drivers and substitute bus drivers shall have yearly physical examinations performed by the school physician. Each bus driver initially employed by the School District shall have a physical examination not more than four weeks prior to the opening of school in September.

Annual or more frequent examinations of an employee may be required, when in the judgment of the school physician and the Superintendent, such procedure is deemed necessary.

The final acceptance or rejection of a medical report with reference to the health of an employee lies within the discretion of the Board. The decision of the physician designated by the Board as the determining physician shall take precedence over all other medical advice.

No applicant or employee will be discriminated against because of any disability or speculation that such person's future health would be at risk in performing his/her duties. Inability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation may be grounds for disqualification or dismissal.