9460 - Incidental Teaching


Adoption Date: 6/7/2001
9000 - Personnel and Negotiations

9460 Incidental Teaching

The Superintendent of Schools may assign a teacher to teach a subject not covered by his/her certificate for up to five classroom hours per week, pursuant to the following regulations:

1. The Superintendent shall make a finding that the teacher being assigned to teach a subject on an incidental basis has sufficient teaching experience and knowledge of the subject matter to teach such subject in a competent manner.

2. By October 1 of each year the Superintendent shall submit to the Board of Education at a public meeting a list of all teachers assigned to teach on an incidental basis, including the courses they have been assigned to teach and their certification area. In the event an incidental teaching assignment is made after October 1, the Superintendent shall report the assignment to the Board at the next regularly scheduled public Board meeting. The list of incidental teaching assignments for the current school year shall be submitted to the State Education Department as part of the district's annual Comprehensive Assessment Report.

Parents/legal guardians shall be informed by the Building Principal, in writing, if their child is affected by an incidental teaching assignment. The notice will include information regarding a process through which parents/legal guardians may appeal such assignment.

Policy References:
8 NYCRR §80.2(c)(7)