0090 - Mission and Vision

Adoption Date: 12/13/2012 
0000 - Goals and Objectives

0090 Mission Statement and Vision

The Board of Education recognizes that to govern effectively, it must clearly define why the District exists and what it aspires to be. The Board therefore adopts the following mission statement to convey the District’s purpose, and vision to set forth what the District should strive to become in the future.


To Teach, To Learn, To Support, To Improve, To Achieve

Our vision recognizes that our community's greatest asset is its children. To serve our children well, we are committed to these five principles which must guide all our thoughts and actions.

Within the limits of financial prudence and responsibility, the Board of Education espouses the following philosophies:

1. to set and achieve the highest standards of excellence for all Victor students;

2. to provide, for all Victor students, student-centered instruction which recognizes and addresses the individual needs of each student;

3. to develop a sense of pride and ownership among all stakeholders in the District, and to foster feelings of teamwork and student advocacy among these stakeholders;

4. to supply both the tools and the understanding of the current, rapidly changing state of technology;

5. to establish an educational program based on and leading to real world experiences;

6. to help all Victor students understand and appreciate the diversity among and between all world citizens;

7. to encourage an atmosphere of innovation and creativity for students, staff and administration;

8. to develop and promote the engagement of the entire community in which Victor Central Schools operates; and

9. to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing school environment.

To these philosophies we commit ourselves.

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