The budget proposition passed by 60.48%. 5235 yes to 3421 no
The school bus bond proposition passed.  5687 yes to 2956 no

The Victor-Farmington Library vote passed. 5785 yes to 2867 no

The BOE candidates are as follows:
For a three year term: Christopher Parks . . . 4173
For a three year term: Trisha Turner . . . 2914
For a one year term: Michael Vetter . . . 2114

Budget Passes With 60.48% Voting Yes

Statement from the Victor Central School District

The District is greatly pleased with the results of this budget vote. Victor Central School District required a 60% approval for this vote and this percentage was achieved. We thank the community for its support and all of the community members who voted in this election. Special thanks to Ms. Maureen Goodberlet, Board of Education Clerk, for her tremendous work and competence with a voting process that was unlike any other in recent time. Also, thanks to the Board of Election workers for their tireless efforts. 

We understand that this was a difficult decision by the community and one that is built on a trust with the school district that must grow stronger over time. We have attempted to gain this trust through a transparent budgetary process that was clear, informed, and attempted to address community concerns and questions. This trust will continue to build through continued transparency as well as a clear commitment by the district to utilizing community members to help shape our future decisions.

This decision by the community was a start to a multi-year strategic planning process that must address ongoing budgetary concerns such as a continued lack of resources and extremely low savings, as well as the need to balance these concerns with an understanding of the financial needs of community members. The Victor Central School District budget situation is not solved. We continue to be in a perilous financial situation that has been building for years. We will need the collective wisdom of this community to continue to move forward and offer our children the comprehensive education that they deserve.


Budget Hearing: May 27, 2020

Budget Slides from Budget Hearing

From Dr. Tim Terranova

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