2021-2022 Budget

Thank You for Supporting Our Schools!

The VCS budget passed and the results show the continued commitment of our community toward the education of our children in the Victor Central School District. Special thanks to the faculty and staff who make our schools a great place to learn. We look forward to our continued collaboration with this outstanding community for years to come. 

In addition, we congratulate both Karen Ballard and Elizabeth Mitchell for winning  three year seats on the VCS Board. We also thank Holly Boisvert and Jill Mathis for their commitment to making a difference for our community. We would like to thank Michael Vetter for his leadership and service on the Board.

Below are the results from the Annual Budget Vote and Election:
The Budget Proposition passed. (1088 yes to 429 no)
The School Bus Proposition passed. (1160 yes to 353 no)
The Capital Reserve Fund Proposition passed. (1133 yes to 380 no)
The Technology Capital Reserve Fund passed. (1201 yes to 318 no)
The Victor-Farmington Library Funding Proposition passed. (1141 yes to 381 no)

Two Board of Education candidates were elected to fill two seats. 
Karen Ballard with 805 votes – for a three year term
Elizabeth Mitchell with 676 votes – for a three year term

2021-2022 Budget Preparation


The Budget News Magazine you recently received in the mail has an incorrect heading on the chart at the bottom of page 7. This electronic version reflects the correct heading (years).

Budget Fact Sheet

Budget Q&A