Business Office

The Business Office at Victor Central Schools serves many functions for the District including:

  • all aspects of employee payroll, health insurance and employee benefits;
  • accounts payable processing;
  • budget development and financial reporting to the Board of Education and the State Education Department;
  • scheduling of the use of school facilities.

If you would like to contact the Business Office please call (585) 924-3252, ext. 1411.

Computer Services

Victor Central School District uses a variety of technologies to support and enhance the educational process. Every effort is made to prepare our students for a technology dependent college or workplace. Students at all grade levels utilize computer technology for information gathering, research, reports and presentations. We have a sophisticated computer network and high speed internet access to serve all students and staff members. Students using computers located in classrooms, labs, rolling laptop carts and libraries can access a wide variety of software as well as the Internet.

If you would like to contact the office of Computer Services please call (585) 924-3252, ext. 1112.

Facilities and Operations

Our schools are located on a 170 acre campus that includes five buildings surrounded by athletic fields and playgrounds. This unique campus setting, paired with the dedication and commitment of our staff, fosters a strong sense of community for our students and their families. 

If you would like to contact the office of Facilities & Operations please call (585) 924-3252, ext. 5801.

Human Resources

The students of the Victor School District are served by more than 400 certified teachers and administrators members who are, in turn, supported by more than 290 civil service personnel. Recruitment activities for all positions are conducted throughout the year. Teacher candidates and other professionals seeking certified positions should complete a professional application form by clicking on the "Job Opportunities" button at the top of this page. Follow the simple directions and complete your application on-line. Be sure to upload all related files, including current letters of reference. The website also contains information about posted positions for which interviews are being, or soon will be, conducted. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Office by telephone at (585) 924-3252, ext. 1417.

Please note, effective July 1, 2017, the Victor Central School District migrated to a new job application platform for teacher and administrative vacancies. Please check back for updates from both the vendor and VCSD. Teacher and administrative applicants to the Victor School District should check their application email for additional information.

All interested educational professionals who have the required training and certifications are encouraged to apply for employment. The majority of Victor's teachers and professional staff are hired from the western New York State region. However, the Victor Schools have been fortunate to recruit highly qualified staff members in recent years from other parts of New York, as well as the states of California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas and elsewhere around the United States.

Victor CSD supports our new faculty members with a Teacher Mentor Program that has been cited as a model by the New York State Education Department. In addition, the Victor Teacher Center provides on-going staff development programs to all interested staff members on a variety of educational topics. If you are a committed educator with an interest in teaching students in a premier school district with first rate facilities, consider taking your career up another step by applying to the Victor Schools!

The application process for the non-certified positions within our school district requires that you complete an Ontario County Civil Service application and a reference form. The application is available in the Human Resources office at the Victor Central School District and in these links

Civil Service Job Application

References for non-teaching staff
Please complete the reference form and attach to the Civil Service Application before submitting to Human Resources.

Applicants interested in coaching positions should submit a letter of interest and resume directly to Duey Weimer, Director of Athletics Victor High School 953 High Street Victor, New York 14564

Human Resource & Payroll Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (8:00-4:00 when school is not in session.)

School and Community Relations

The Office of School and Community Relations works in collaboration with students, staff, administrators, the Board of Education and community members to educate and inform the school community year-round.

Communications are available through a variety of channels, including, but not limited to the Superintendent e-news, VCS News Magazine, District calendar, E-Alumni newsletters, special mailings and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

From critical district programs and policies and timely daily happenings to exemplary student accomplishments and engaging community events, our goal is to keep residents connected in the most positive, proactive way possible.

If you have questions please call or E-mail

Liz Welch
(585) 924-3252 ext. 1407

Sherri Lasky
(585) 924-3252 ext. 1407